iOS App


    Vapr Video uses sensor fusion to increase user engagement for video sharing platforms.

    On iOS, I built a custom video player powered by a sensor fusion algorithm accessing seven sensors in real-time.

    Vapr Video won 1st Place: 'Best In Show' at RAMP's Video Hackathon in WeWork South Boston.

iPhone Repair New England


    Midway through an Electrical Engineering curriculum, I leveraged technical and business experience to launch my company, iPhone Repair New England.

    After significant success on UMass campus, I launched a second shop a year later at the University of Connecticut.

Internet-Enabled Chemical Handling Robot

Software Lead & Production Manager

    Privately funded by Harvard’s Wyss Institute, our team of four engineers designed and built a full-scale robotic prototype to automate a lab process for Organ-on-a-Chip research.

    I led a cross-functional team in fulfillment of the system's quality and software capabilities, which included supporting IO and networked communications to control the robot from anywhere with internet access.

    Using Node.js and its hardware package, we successfully created a dual 3-axis, chemical-handling robot which was controlled with the customer's iPad.